After unlocking Clans at Level 5, tap Clans at the bottom of the home screen then tap Create Clan.

When creating a Clan, you have the following options:
  • Emblem – Tap the space on the left to see the available Clan Emblems. Note that you may only choose from the existing Clan Emblems; you may not upload your own Emblem.
  • Clan Name – Choose the name you want to represent your Clan.
  • Level Requirement – You can optionally choose to have a minimum level requirement to join your Clan.
  • Preference – If you want your Clan to have a preferred game mode, you can choose it in the Favorite Mode dropdown list. If you don’t have a preference, set the dropdown list to All.
  • Restrictions – Here, you have three option:
    • No Restrictions allows everyone to join as long as they meet your Level Limitation.
    • Application Required gives you the authority to approve or deny any potential Clan member. You’ll receive a message whenever someone wants to join your Clan.
    • Closed makes your Clan a private and joinable by invitation only.
  • Recruitment Announcement – Set the tone for your Clan with a welcome message for new members.
Once you’ve made your selections, tap OK to finish creating your Clan.

You can always adjust your selections on your Clan’s main screen. To do so, tap the Clan Emblem to reopen your Clan’s editor. You can also make adjustments in the Invitation tab.

Below the Emblem is a Clan Notice space. Here you can make announcements or provide your Clan with other relevant information.