You can access your Multiplayer loadouts from either the home screen or the Multiplayer lobby by tapping the Loadout button. From there, tap the spaces within your Loadout to change your Soldier, Operator Skill, Primary and Secondary Weapons, Optics and Attachments, Perks, or Lethal and Tactical Equipment.

Not all of these Loadout slots and items within them will be available to you right away. However, as you progress through matches and level up, you’ll unlock more items. Each slot’s unlock level is indicated by a number next to the yellow star.

Leveling up also unlocks new customizable Loadout slots.

Loadouts can be renamed by tapping the paper and pencil icon next to the existing Loadout name (e.g. Loadout 1) and entering a new name.

After unlocking multiple Loadouts, you can set your favorite Loadout as your default by tapping the Default button at the bottom of the Loadout’s screen.