Once you enter the Battle Royale lobby, you’ll have a few options before starting the match.
  • Invite Friends – Invite other players from your Friends List if you’re planning to play as a team.
  • Perspective – Tap FPP to set your perspective as first-person or TPP to set third-person perspective.
  • Number of players – Tap the single head to play Battle Royale by yourself. Tap the two-head or four-head icon if you want to play Battle Royale as a team.
Please note: You don’t need to invite friends to play Battle Royale as a team. Two- and four-player teams will be randomly formed if players haven’t invited friends.

After you’ve chosen these options, tap Start to begin the match.


Before the match begins, you’ll spawn into a random location on the map. Here, you can explore and try out weapons, equipment, mechanics, and other gameplay features you’ll experience in the game, allowing you to get familiar with things before the action heats up.

Although the equipment or vehicles you use can be damaged or destroyed, every player in the pregame period is invulnerable.

The pregame area also gives you an opportunity to change your Class.


The game begins with all players in transports flying across the map in a randomly chosen straight line. When prompted, players can exit the transport whenever they choose. If players gets too close to the edge of the map, they will exit the transport automatically.

Navigate the drop process using a Wingsuit. You can guide your soldier in the general direction you want to head. For extra speed and distance, fall straight towards the ground to gather maximum momentum. A waypoint marker can also be set anywhere on the map, which is especially useful for teams to coordinate landing spots.

When your soldier gets close to the ground, a Parachute will deploy automatically, giving you a short amount of time to steer and finesse your landing. The Parachute can also be deployed manually.


After landing, you’ll want to scavenge for weapons and other items as quickly as possible.

By default, you’re set to automatically pick up items you find (Auto Loot) either on the ground or in another player’s stash, as long as the associated slot is empty. For example, you’ll automatically pick up the first two weapons you find. From there, you’ll need to empty a slot before being able to pick up a different weapon.

Auto Loot can be disabled on the BR Mode tab within the Basic section of the Settings menu.