Even though players enter a Battle Royale match without a traditional Call of Duty loadout, there are still several options available in Battle Royale’s Loadout tab:
  • Weapon Camos – Choose the camos that will appear on weapons if you find them.
  • Item Skin – Apply a skin to items you find in the wild.
  • Vehicle Skin – Add some style to the vehicles you encounter throughout the map.
  • Soldier – Pick the soldier you’ll appear as during a match.
  • Class – Choose a default class to play in a match. You can change your class in the pregame area before infiltration. Each class is equipped with a piece of special equipment and a passive skill.
  • Knife – The one weapon all players begin with can be customized with a skin.
  • Wingsuit and Parachute – All players have the default Wingsuit and Parachute, which can each be customized.