Clan Wars is a competitive mode where Clans compete over territory in a progressive league system with more significant rewards for reaching higher leagues.

Each week, your Clan will face off against five other Clans competing for dominance over the map. Various nodes will open on the map throughout the six-day Clan War with different assigned tasks.

  • Complete tasks associated with open nodes. Examples of tasks include playing Attack of the Undead or Ranked Mode matches or getting a certain number of kills with SMGs.
  • Work with your Clan to maximize your score on different nodes before their timer runs out.

Each node varies in length from 24 hours to three days. When a node closes, it awards Clan Points based on the top-performing clans.

  • Clan Points are acquired by winning nodes and used for weekly settlement.
  • Node Points are acquired by completing node tasks and used for Clans competing for nodes.
  • Clan Trophies are acquired through weekly settlement and determine the rank of a Clan.
  • Clan Currency (also called Clan Credits) is acquired through weekly and seasonal settlements of Clan Wars and used to purchase items in the Clan Shop. Clan Currency resets every season.