Tournament Mode will run from Friday to Sunday each week.

A single round of Tournaments consists of four matches that can be played in the following modes:
  • Gunfight
  • Gunfight Team Deathmatch
  • 2v2 Team Deathmatch
  • 2v2 Kill Confirmed
  • Free For All
Winning individual matches earns you Crowns, a tournament-exclusive currency for rewards. After winning three matches, a fourth match win yields double Crowns, a dynamic Calling Card, and a special Tournament Crate.

You can choose to spend a small amount of COD Points for additional matches within a single round, which can help you ultimately earn the fourth win double Crown, Tournament Crate, and Calling Card bonuses.

Leaderboard position is solely based on the number of wins, rewarding players who consistently win rounds regardless of extra match purchases.

You can play as many tournament rounds as you wish to win that week's rewards. Go for four wins in a row for maximum efficiency for Crown earnings and good Leaderboard placement!