Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8: ERROR 404

Reboot your system with Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 8: ERROR 404! Navigate tight corners and neon-drenched interior spaces in the neo-futuristic Kurohana Metropolis map — new and unique to Call of Duty: Mobile! Stun your rivals with the Epic Satsumebachi - Deadly Hornet and their Epic SKS - Ignited Rage or unleash the Shaolin fury with the Epic The Iron Monk - The Hundred Fists and his Epic Argus - Death Branch in the Season 8 Premium Battle Pass! The fight for the future begins now! 

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8: ERROR 404 brings new content including:

  • Argus, a shotgun known for its precision while ADS-ing, joins the battle! The flexibility and mobility provide a brand-new experience.
  • The new dual-wield melee Sai will also provide you with a brand-new melee experience with its outstanding frontal attack ability.

Log in to the game and enjoy the new content after the update!



New Map

Kurohana Metropolis

The brand-new and original map Kurohana Metropolis is now coming. It is a place full of dreams and fantasy, so do you dare to become a star of the future? Here, we welcome every warrior with dreams!



Adjusted the Middle Road and the Zone A area.

  • Middle road: It was difficult to block enemies with a smoke grenade in the middle road before, so the aisle from the middle road to Defender's base, as well as to the Storage room, was narrowed down to make it easier for blocking with a smoke grenade.
  • Zone A area: The defense from the Zone A area has not always been easy; to resolve it, the connectivity between the Storage room and Main Street was adjusted. It used to be a one-way channel from Main Street to the Storage room, but now it was adjusted to a two-way channel.



Optimized the issue that the respawn location is chaotic in Hardpoint.

Map Optimization

Optimized the light reflections and performance in Shipment and Tunisia and optimized the performance of certain weapons in these two maps.


Time-limited Mode:

Add Control mode to the ranked match as a time-limited mode in the mid-to-late part of the season.



Cluster Grenade: a sticky grenade that explodes in a series of smaller blasts.



-----Battle Royale-----

Gameplay Updates

New weapon drop in Battle Royale: Argus




A shotgun with high mobility and excellent accuracy. It retains the classic experience as in Black Ops and brings the tactical style with the original attachments from mobile.



A dual-wield melee that can deliver swift thrusts and slashes. It has extended reach for frontal attack but limited swinging range on the other side.


Weapon SFX Optimization

Type 25, HBRa3, HVK-30, XPR-50, PDW- 57, Razorback, MSMC, HG 40, Pharo, Cordite


Other Optimization

Optimized the recommendation logic of the popular weapon attachment.


Balance Adjustment




Bullet Impact Adjustment

Bullet Impact adjusted to 0.9:

  • Fennec
  • MAC-10


Bullet Impact adjusted to 1.1:

  • M16
  • ICR-1
  • DR-H
  • Holger 26
  • GKS
  • Striker 45


Bullet Impact adjusted to 1.3:

  • AK-47
  • ASM10
  • Man-O-War
  • EM2


Bullet Impact adjusted to 1.5:

  • Oden
  • XPR-50
  • SVD
  • M21 EBR
  • PKM
  • Crossbow


Attachments +10% Bullet Impact:

  • Type 25: Stopping Power Reload
  • BK57: 7.62 40 Round Reload
  • HVK-30: Large Caliber Mag
  • QQ9: 10mm 30-Round Reload
  • PP19 Bizon: Large Caliber Ammo A


Attachments +20% Bullet Impact:

  • Kilo 141: 100 Round Reload
  • DR-H: OTM Mag
  • AGR 556: 5.56mm Mag
  • Striker 45: .45 Hollow Point 12-R Mags


Attachments +50% Bullet Impact:

  • AS VAL: 15 Round FMJ
  • CR-56 AMAX: M67 Ammo
  • Oden: 12.7×55 Subsonic Heavy Ammo


Attachments -10% Bullet Impact:

  • AK-47: 5.45 Caliber Ammo
  • Dobvra: Sorokin 140mm Auto



Hit Flinch: Reduced


HG 40

Sprint-to-fire delay: Reduced 


Peacekeeper MK2

Sturdy Grip Tape

  • Buff on Hit Flinch: Reduced

Firm Grip Tape

  • Buff on Hit Flinch: Increased



YKM Ghost Stock

  • Buff on Hit Flinch: Reduced



Added debuff to Rapid Fire

Range: Decreased (slightly dropped on the 2nd DMG range, significantly dropped on the 1st DMG range)

Debuff on ADS bullet spread: Increased



Hit Flinch: Increased 

ADS bullet spread: Increased



Basic reloading speed: Increased


Kilo Bolt-Action

Basic reloading speed: Increased



ADS Time: Increased



Vibration when firing: Reduced




Range: Reduced

Hit Flinch: Increased


MP Operator Skill/Tactics



Endurance: Reduced



Endurance: Increased

Charging speed: Increased



Damage: Increased



Explosion range: Reduced


Molotov Cocktail

Burning range: Reduced


Tactical Mask

CD time required: Reduced